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cookie party

Baking Memories: A Cookie Party and A Recipe for Jam Thumbprints

A holiday cookie party to recreate the elaborate array of cookies that just one fabulous baker used to accomplish on her own PLUS her jam thumbprint recipe!

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Food Poetry: Ode to Nutella

I interrupt my regularly scheduled food stories, for a poem! In honor of the Nutella Breakfast Truck Tour reaching the Bay Area, I bring you a poem about Nutella, written by my very own Nutella-loving daughter.

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potato latke recipe

Eight Potato Latke Recipes for the Eight Days of Hannukah

Here’s a handy round-up of eight terrific potato latke recipes – all tried and true and all share at least one unique tip for THE BEST latke ever! Can’t decide which to use – there are eight days of Hannukah – try them all!

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famous key lime pie

The Now Famous Key Lime Pie Recipe — Perfect Addition to your Holiday Menu

The Now Famous Key Lime Pie Recipe with Dark Chocolate Macadamia Crust. A father/son tradition in our house that the son has now perfected on his own. Here are the easy, step-by-step instructions and recipe to make it part of your holiday tradition too.

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Thanksgiving Tradition

Celebrate Thanksgiving Tradition – Try Something New! (persimmon bread perhaps?)

Celebrating Thanksgiving tradition by creating some new ones! This year I am adding James Beard’s persimmon bread to our Thanksgiving buffet.

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pie dough

How Pie Dough Can Relieve Stress

As David Mamet wrote, “Stress cannot exist in the presence of pie.” So let’s conquer our fear of pie dough and bake pie during the stressful holiday season.

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strawberry jam

Strawberry Jam Spiked with Pineapple Guava

An unexpected fall fruit, pineapple guava marries beautifully with your last stash of strawberries for an unusual tropical strawberry jam

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squash soup

Squash Soup Shooters to Toast the Arrival of Fall

Celebrate fall with the varied squashes abundant in the produce section and farmers’ markets, especially lovely for preparing hearty and comforting squash soups

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