‘Baking with Dorie’ iPad App and Great Grains Muffins

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Dorie Greenspan's new iPad app

photo courtesy of Culinapp

Almost one year after I wrote this post OMG iPad! – Tempting Technology in the Kitchen, I received an email about testing out Dorie Greenspan’s new iPad baking app called Baking with Dorie. In my original post, I predicted that the iPad would bring exciting countertop functionality into our kitchens, but I didn’t anticipate the appearance of Dorie right on my granite!

For $12.99, the app includes 20 recipes, provided in 4 unique viewing styles tailored to your taste in receiving information. Included in these formats are step-by-step videos of Dorie baking each recipe. I find her presence in the videos nearly as endearing as she was in person when I spoke with her at BlogHerFood 10 in San Francisco. Dorie is well-spoken, clear in her instructions both verbally and visually, and her personality just shines right through the iPad screen. When she exclaims, after turning out her tarte tatin onto a plate, that it is the most beautiful tarte tatin she has ever made, you are absolutely sure it is. The gleam in her eye is irresistible and convincing.Baking with Dorie iPad app

I started with an easy recipe, primarily because of my personal time constraints (and my fear of making something too caloric that I would eat non-stop until it was gone). So I baked Great Grains Muffins for breakfast. They combine white flour, whole wheat flour, corn meal, and rolled oats. The wet ingredients include, among other things, buttermilk, maple syrup, and melted butter – are you hungry yet?

The four choices for viewing the recipe are:

  1. Cookbook View– View ingredients and instructions in a standard cookbook style display

    Baking with Dorie iPad app

    Cookbook View

  2. Step-by-Step View– Recipe is broken down in logical steps with ingredients, written steps and a video accompanying each element

    Baking with Dorie iPad app

    Step by Step View

  3. SpinView– Spin through an overview of each step and choose where you want to start

    Baking with Dorie iPad app


  4. CulinView– A unique visual overview diagram which also allows you to click on any element for further detail including the associated video.

    Baking with Dorie iPad app


Scattered throughout the app at logical points are general instruction videos about how to measure flour, appropriate baking tools, and other essential baking knowledge.

The app is ideal for novice bakers, fearful bakers (like me), anyone who just adores Dorie (like me), and even more experienced bakers who want to compare notes with a great baker like Dorie or just pick up a tip or two. The recipe selection is not broad yet, but I’m guessing it will expand nicely as future updates are offered.

As with all Dorie recipes that I have tried from Around My French Table and with the group French Fridays with Dorie, this Great Grains recipe is spot on. If you’re new to muffin-making, the video showing just how the batter should look when mixed including Dorie’s verbal cues about clumps of flour are invaluable.

The yummy result:Baking with Dorie iPad app

Next up, I will attempt a recipe I am not comfortable with and see how successful I am Baking with Dorie!

Note: I did receive a free copy of the app courtesy of the developer, Culinapp, but have received no other compensation for this post. All opinions stated are my own.

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  1. KatySheCooks September 20, 2011 at 5:05 am #

    I have a feeling I would love an app like this. Now, if I could just score that iPad ; )

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