Mini Cherry Pies

Hand pies are the stuff that childhood food memories are made of. These mini cherry pies will be everything you remembered and so much more!

Here are the ingredients you need to make these little bites of heaven. Puff pastry, homemade pie dough and store bought pie dough all work!

Make the cornstarch "slurry" by mixing the cornstarch and water - set aside until you are ready to thicken the filling.


In a medium pot on medium heat, bring cherries, sugar, lemon juice and salt to a low boil. As the juices release, mash the cherries.


As the texture becomes jammy, add vanilla and liqueur and the cornstarch slurry and let it thicken. Cool the mixture before forming the hand pies.


Form with puff pastry: cut into rectangles, fill 6 with cherry mixture, egg wash edges, place second piece of pastry on top. Seal edges. Cut slits, egg wash and sprinkle with sugar.


Form with pie dough: roll out pie dough to about 1/8 inch thick. Cut out 5-inch rounds using a large cookie cutter,


Place 2 TBSPs of cherry mixture on each round, egg wash edges and fold each round in half. Seal the edges. Cut slits and egg wash.


For puff and pie dough, refrigerate for 1/2 hour then bake for about 30 min at 375 degrees, until puffed and golden brown or just golden brown.


For detailed instructions, step-by-step photos and a printable recipe card! click on the link below.

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