Homemade Seasoned Stuffing Cubes


The easiest way to add wonderful flavor to your Thanksgiving stuffing with little added work!

Learn how to make seasoned bread cubes for stuffing! Use your favorite spices and breads to match the flavor profile you want from traditional to spicy - it's up to you!

My favorite breads are challah and cornbread. But I've used and loved whole wheat, french, sourdough and more! Make your own or use store-bought. Either way, you'll love the results.

Pro-tip: Use your parchment-lined tray as your "bowl" and save some dishes to wash! Your dishpan hands will thank me!

Add your flavorings, olive oil, salt & pepper. Mix, then bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. It's that simple! Remember dried spices have more flavor than fresh so use a bit less.

You're ready to make your favorite stuffing recipe or store the cubes in a sealed container until it's time! My favorite stuffing is sage sausage stuffing - find the recipe on my blog!


Vary the flavor of your seasoned bread cubes. I love sage and thyme - it matches my stuffing recipe. Try rosemary or a little heat from cayenne if you like or something Italian like basil!

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