Homemade Matzo Ball Soup


Cure a cold, serve the first course of your Passover seder or offer the perfect side to a deli sandwich. But please make matzo ball soup!

Here are the ingredients to make the matzo balls - the part of the recipe that is the most contentious - do you like floaters or sinkers?!!

For the matzo balls, mix dry ingredients in one bowl and wet ingredients in another bowl. Whisk eggs until bubbly.


Combine the wet and dry ingredients and then refrigerate the mixture for at least an hour or even overnight.


Prepare a pot of salted boiling water. Roll the cold batter into golf ball-sized matzo balls, handling them as little as possible.


Turn the boiling water down, add the matzo balls without crowding (they will expand) and cover the pot. Let cook for 45-50 min.


Use homemade chicken stock per my recipe or a good store-bought variety  to prepare the final soup bowl.


For the final bowl of soup, add carrots, chicken & fresh herbs and a couple of magnificent matzo balls!


For detailed instructions, step-by-step photos and nutritional information click on the link below.

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