Homemade Stuffing Cubes


The easiest way to add wonderful flavor to your Thanksgiving dinner with little added work!


Learn how to dry bread for stuffing! Make your own bread cubes with your favorite spices and breads and win Thanksgiving this year and every year!

Prep your favorite breads and spices! I love challah bread and cornbread. Make your own or use store-bought. Both will be fantastic.

Pro-tip: Use your parchment-lined tray as your "bowl" and save some dishes to wash! Your dishpan hands will thank me!

Add fresh or dried spices, olive oil, salt & pepper and mix, then bake. It's that simple! Remember that dried spices have more flavor than fresh so use a bit less.

Now you're all ready to make your favorite stuffing recipe! Mine is sage sausage stuffing and you can find the recipe on my blog.


Make your bread cubes ahead of time and you'll be ready to make your stuffing anytime! I usually prepare my stuffing the day before and just bake it on Thanksgiving day.

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