How to Dry Brine Turkey

and enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving with juicy and delicious meat every time!

Say goodbye to wet brines and start preparing your turkey with the dry brine method. Perfect, juicy turkey every time! Just follow my simple schedule and recipe!

Ingredients for  Dry Brine

3.5 tbsps kosher salt  (1 tbsp for every 5 pounds of turkey)



1 tsp smoked paprika



zest of 1/2 an orange

1 tsp dried sage, thyme, or rosemary

Combine the dry brine ingredients with your fingers and then you'll rub it all over your turkey's exterior. Store it in a big bag on a sheet pan in the refrigerator and let it do its thing!

Once you rub the dry brine over the turkey, you are essentially done with turkey prep. Turn it once  - no rinsing at the end. It won't taste salty once cooked - I promise!

The white meat will be succulent and juicy, including the next day for leftovers! Even the non-turkey lovers in my family enjoy our dry-brined turkey!

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