Ashkenazi-style Charoset for Passover

Simple but yet so satisfying - this apple and nut mixture surprises you every time with its flavor profile!

Traditional Ashkenazi-style charoset with extra zing from orange zest and currants. Adjust to your taste buds. Enjoy during the seder or anytime!

I use toasted walnuts but pecans or almonds can work. No currants? Try another dried fruit cut into small pieces. Any red wine works as well - even Manischewitz :-).

Pro-tip: The smaller you chop your walnuts and apples, the easier the final mixture will cling to the matzo when you eat it!

Prep the apples, nuts and dried fruit. Combine with the cinnamon, wine, currants and zest. Taste and adjust seasoning to your liking. Can be made ahead of time and leftovers are yum!

Now your charoset is ready to take its place on the seder plate representing the mortar used to lay bricks by the slaves.

If you're new to charoset, it might surprise you that it is eaten with horseradish on the matzo during the seder. Try it, it's surprisingly good!

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