How to Make Hamantaschen Cookies with Olive Oil Dough

This orange-scented hamantaschen dough is the perfect vehicle for so many fillings from apricot to lemon to traditional prune and so much more.

Split the steps up and this recipe is a snap!

Make the dough ahead of time.

Even the filling can be prepared ahead.

The dough is made with olive oil and a hint of citrus so it is both non-dairy and full of flavor! For even more zing, use orange olive oil.

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Divide your dough into two pieces and keep one piece of dough refrigerated while you roll out the other one. If the dough gets too warm, it might be harder to work with.

I find 2.5 to 3 inch rounds to be ideal. If you like to fold your hamantaschen (I pinch) then you should try 3.5 inch circles to leave plenty of dough for folding securely.

Be sure to cinch up the corners securely. Between a good pinch and a bit of egg wash on the interior, they will stay closed during baking. I refrigerate mine too to be extra sure.

Looks at those beauties in the oven. Don't you just want to grab one right now? Ok, in a few more minutes when they are all done baking would be even better!

I recommend doubling this recipe - you'll love these Purim cookies that much! Plus they freeze so beautifully. Put some away for a rainy day. Now go grab the recipe below!

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