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banana chocolate chip loaf

A Picture is Worth 1000 Calories

One slice of this delicious banana chocolate chip loaf quick bread does not really contain 1000 calories. The problem, however, is stopping at one slice. I first stumbled upon this simple but delicious recipe when I was taking home economics during summer school. Our assignment was to find a recipe, prepare it, and then share […]

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P.S. to Yummy in South San Jose – an Oxymoron?

In my last post, I mentioned (whined?) that an exciting culinary event in South San Jose is the addition of a new dish at Pasta Pomodoro. Well guess what – there is! Went there for lunch today. My son and I agreed the penne dish was a nice addition, although nothing to really write home, […]

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Yummy in South San Jose – an Oxymoron?

As much as I love food, I happen to live in a part of San Jose that has a dearth of good restaurants. An exciting dining-out experience for us is when Pasta Pomodoro adds a new dish to their menu. So I feel compelled to write about a local Chinese seafood restaurant that may be […]

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Foodie Nationalism

I’m finally writing a real entry into my new food blog – only 2 weeks after setting it up. Given my teen/tween-filled life, I consider this timely and a success. So my first question to throw out to the blog-reading foodie public is about olive oil. Is it “PC” to spend lots of money on […]

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