Sangrita Recipe

SangriTa, not to be confused with sangria, was one of my favorite discoveries when visiting the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Drink this as the perfect complement to tequila!

Here are the ingredients you need for sangrita. Vary the types of peppers, the tomato base, the hot sauce and the citrus! 

Add the tomato base to your blender. I use tomato juice but bloody mary mix or canned tomatoes are other options.


Add a blend of Meyer lemon, lime and orange juices to the blender. Use fresh citrus if at all possible!


Add the rough-chopped serrano pepper to the tomato and citrus juices in the blender. Jalapeno is another good choice.


Blend the tomato base, citrus juices and serrano, before adding the rest of the ingredients. Taste for flavor and spice.


Add the fresh ground black pepper, worcestershire sauce and hot sauce to the blended sangrita mixture.


Blend again and then taste to see if it feels balanced, spicy enough, salty enough and adjust to your palate!


To serve, chill the sangrita and pour a shot to go with the tequila - a sip of sangrita, then a sip of tequila, repeat!

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