10 Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes


Make a perfect turkey every time by dry brining it with a mixture of salt and herbs. Comes out perfect every time!


Bake your own stuffing cubes from cornbread, challah or whatever bread you prefer. It's so easy and you'll have the best stuffing ever!


Make turkey stock by roasting turkey parts and vegetables and then simmering. Make this ahead of time. Adds so much flavor to stuffing and gravy!


Use the cubes and stock to make the most delicious stuffing. Our family favorite is sage sausage with challah and cornbread.


Make your own cornbread for the stuffing cubes flavored with honey and sage. So quick, easy and delicious.


Cranberry orange jam! Make it ahead of time and refrigerate or freeze. Great as a side, on leftover sandwiches and for gift giving!


Roasted vegetables, such as brussels sprouts can be made ahead and then finished with some fresh pomegranate arils - so beautiful!


Roasted squash is another easy side dish especially if you use delicata squash which doesn't require peeling!


Make a pie! Whether it's a traditional pumpkin or whatever your family prefers, make pie dough ahead of time and you'll be ready to go!


Thanksgiving means it's persimmon season. Get some ripe hachiyas and make some persimmon bread. Perfect for a dessert buffet!


For even more menu ideas, a planning calendar and so much more, head over to OMG! Yummy.

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